Friends of the Staatskapelle Dresden - we are people who do not just support the singular musical identity and unique sound of one of the best orchestras of the world. We would like to share our joy with others and want to contribute to securing the future of this special orchestra with its unparalleled history. 

Who better deserves such a commitment than the "miraculous harp", as Richard Wagner once called the Dresden Staatskapelle full of gratitude? It is probably the only orchestra in the world that hasperformed for more than 450 years and has always been among the leading orchestras of each era. In fact, the Staatskapelle's history is full of famous names from the music world; and even today, with all of the global competition,  it has always belonged to the "Top Ten".  Ensuring that this continues for future generations of musicians and music lovers in an ever-changing world is one of the declared aims of the Society of Friends of the Saxon Staatskapelle Dresden.
We look forward to making this your goal as well.
It's worth it for many reasons, especially for you. The reason we believe this you can read on the following pages.

Dr. Christoph Hollenders
Chairman of the Society
of Friends of the Staatskapelle Dresden